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Flexibility in production

Perfect service for market requirements

The two main production sites Filderstadt (Germany) and Neustadt Vienna (Austria) today form the mainstay of the worldwide distribution and service network of Parker Hannifin GmbH. The staff has many years of experience in addition to their specialist knowledge and high degree of process reliability. Parker also responds quickly and flexibly to customer requests in America and Asia with its lead centers in Chicago (USA) and Penang (Malaysia).

Parker masters production tolerances of a few micrometers in piezo technology thanks to highly automated production technology under clean room conditions. The Parker team of experts also has the top know-how in precision mechanical production on industrial scale. A team comprising plant development engineers, production line managers, measuring and control engineers as well as production experts work permanently on optimized production processes and sequences.

The maxim of Parker Elektronik GmbH is to be close to the market all the time with resourceful and reliable high-quality solutions in testing and diagnostic technology as well as electronic control systems. Flexibility, speed and consistent quality have priority, in the interests of customers. The mainstays of production are the continuous optimization of sequences and the consistent further training of specialist staff. Integrated production processes are available to fulfill the broad range of customer requirements comprehensively; from individual production of prototypes and preproduction equipment for test purposes, through small-scale runs and customer-specific variants to management of industrial scale production delivered to the line just-in-time. Prototyping, mounting of electronic subassemblies as well as electronic completion, test rig and equipment construction as well as final testing complement one another to form a reliable process chain.