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ORIGA RL-Sizing software

Fast and reliable sizing of pneumatic linear drives

The RL-Sizing software from Pneumatic Division Europe - Origa provides the sizing for pneumatic linear drives in a matter of seconds. The user simply inputs his technical operating conditions, e.g. installation position, travel distance or weight for the motion task. RL-sizing independently calculates statistical and dynamic motion conditions according to the input information. In a matter of seconds, the suitable linear drives are ready for selection.

Changes to customer requirements can easily be made at any time, and immediately implemented into a new design. The data created can be saved as projects and then used again at a later date to carry out subsequent designs and version calculations.

For every linear drive and accessory, a list with order details can be displayed according to each design. The ordering process is therefore even more user-friendly, fast and fail safe.

RL-Sizing requires Java Version 6 / 1.6.

Depending on your individual system configuration the installation of Java may require administrator's rights. Upon request a CD ROM is available that allows installation without administrator's rights.


New: EasyDrive 1.2.
RL-Sizing Program for OSP-P
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